10 Best Amazon Prime Original Series to Binge Watch

10 Best Amazon Prime Original Series to Binge Watch

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime launched its first original web series in 2013, and since then, its producing good quality content in all genres you can imagine. From comedy, kid’s show to heart-thumping thriller, and horror series, here are top 10 best web series on amazon prime India and Hollywood for you to binge-watch.

The boys (IMDB 8.7/10)

Step into the world of superheroes where it’s big business, literally, in Amazon’s fantastical new comedy. The Boys will give you the feel of Avengers but in a wicked way. It is unlike any superhero show ever made, plus it’s refreshing, cool, and binge-worthy. It also points out to our phenomenon of blind hero worship, offering a sly corrective to our current era and giving nasty kicks at their softest part. If you haven’t watched it, we strongly recommend to give it a try, after all, it is one of the best series on amazon prime.

The Man in High Castle (IMDB 8/10)

Do you love conspiracies? Then this is the perfect show for you. The show revolves around a future where the Nazis won World war II and America is under Nazi rule. The show has brilliant performances and is visually iconic.

Made in Heaven (IMDB 8.3/10)

Made in Heaven is one of the best Hindi web series on amazon prime. It’s an engaging story when your wedding planner becomes your life coach, throws you with a drilling question – are you even fit for a lifelong commitment to another person? Trust me, you will surely get engaged till the 9th episode of the series.

The Family Man (8.6/10)

Not much to say, when Manoj Bajpayee cast as the lead in a web series. This show is perhaps the best web series on amazon prime India in recent months. Manoj Bajpayee plays a middle-class man but is an NIA officer. His family doesn’t know about his dual job life, which leads to a lot of confusion and an engaging crime thriller behind it. The show follows how he keeps a balance between his dangerous job and his family.

Paatal Lok (IMDB 7.5/10)

The story revolves around a celebrity TV anchor who is the target of a group of killers. As the story unfolds, many questions come up open, Why do they want to kill him? Who is behind it all? The case is handed over to a cynical, and seen-it-all cop, aka Jaideep Ahlawat. As he starts digging further, he starts connecting situations involving the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places to start popping up. It’s currently the best web series on amazon prime India trending nationwide.

Mirzapur (IMDB 8.5/10)

Must-watch mostly for Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) that binds the multiple characters through the season. Mirzapur series revolves around the city itself, where Kaleen Bhaiya’s command and orders are set in stone.
It’s indeed a star-studded series with a stellar performance, Mirzapur has something for everyone with its varied themes and story-telling capacity.

Comicstaan (IMDB 6.8/10)

laugh your heart out with India’s most talented comedians through a nationwide hunt compete to become India’s next big comic sensation. The best minds like Tanmay, Kanan, Biswa, Sapan, Kenny, Kaneez, and Naveen mentored the talent. Watch Comicstaan find out who gets crowned as you may find out your favorite comedian is on the stage.

The Terror ( (IMDB 8/10)

The Terror inspired by the true-life tale of the H.M.S. Erebus and H.M.S. Terror, which disappeared in the ice on a mission. Later to discover the fabled Northwest Passage almost centuries ago. The performances are brilliant and the atmosphere is well crafted that is sure to get under your skin. This series is perhaps the best horror web series anywhere.

Hunters (IMDB 7.2/10)

Hunters is based on the internal war between Nazis and Jews after World War II, as Pacino says in the show – “Revenge is the best revenge”. Hunters is set in two timelines, one in America in 1977 and others in World War II in Germany. The story takes a turn when a boy who lives with his safta (grandmother in Hebrew) is murdered in their New York home. watch the season to learn more about the mystery unraveling in each episode.

Jack Ryan (IMDB 8.1 /10)

CIA Officer Jack Ryan heads to South America to investigate an illegal shipment after tracking a potential suspicious involvement of illegal arms in the Venezuelan jungle. There are two seasons of this Amazon Prime original available to stream right now. The show has been renewed for a third season. So, you can rest assured that Jack Ryan will be back to fight more threats against the US and the world in the near future.

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