Women – well they are called the goddess of drama and the general crying machine for most of the cases, but always it is not the truth. Yes may be there are few who are really like that , but there are few who are just the opposite of these. They are the strong independent and willed one. They are the inspiration for many, so let’s take a look at some perceived notions which are not so true.

1# The Shopping Mania


Well , yes we love to Shop, but it depends on the need as well. If there is a sala going on groceries and we want to save few pennies what’s wrong in that? Its not always fashion and accessories that we buy , from the core to the luxury, everything is managed by us.

2# The Crying Part


For crying yes we cry, I accept we do, but there must be a reason behind that. It is our own way of expressing emotion and might be different than yours. But crying always does not mean we are forcing something upon you. It might be a tear of overjoy to see you succeed as well.

3# The Secret Keeper


Remember if we would have discussed everything in public then most of the families would have been shattered by now. Every family has its own secret. Every profession demands it’s own secrecy. If we would gossip or reveal the secrets then you can imagine the effect.

4# At Mercy


We make mistakes and we take responsibilities for them also. It is not always you who brings the sorry card or flowers. We also say sorry to you when the situation is out of control. We want you to pamper us but it does not mean we are not ready for adjustments or compromises. Ultimately it is we who leave the job to bring up kids.

5# Equality Of Rights


We fight for our rights and with rights comes responsibilities too. We manage home and our careers also. And we know what happens when men are left with children to be taken care of and work simultaneously hope you have not forgot the movie Finding Nemo.

6#  Decking Up For Hours


One of the most common allegations, yes we love to look good , but we do it for you . After all you also would not want a messy partner at the end of it. So don’t judge us on this , it is a tribute from us to you to understand that we want you to love us just like the initial days.

7# Spying Spree


We love to keep a check on you because we are afraid of loosing you. If there has been no love then there would not have been any jealousy or insecurity. But that does not mean we hire someone to follow you, but you do.

8# Spending Your Money


We do swipe your cards but we love to earn for us also. Remember the birthday or anniversary gifts that you get are from our savings or hard earned money.

9# Daily Soap Battles


Daily soaps – yes they are a bit too much and we watch them, we agree, but that’s not the only thing we watch on TV. Who else cooks the delicious new food items from cooking shows or redesigns the in interior up to date.

10# Flirting Spirit


Yes we are jealous of you or possessive , but so you are. If you want us not to flirt on someone then stop checking out the girls as you do. Its a simple give and take.

So next time keep in mind before judging the woman in your life.