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When we lost something close to our heart, life seems to be gloomy all of a sudden. We recollect all the memories attached with that special token of love, may be a watch or a piece of scarf given by someone very special. Random thoughts roaming around our mind with a simple question, “Where would I found that thing?” Here are 10 reactions we always make when lost something close to our heart!

  1. Where is that scarf Mom? I kept it on the study table.
    Though you know you had kept it somewhere else, still want to blame it on others.
  1. Keep asking yourself, “Where is that scarf exactly! I remember very clearly, I didn’t take that scarf to the college trip!”
  1. Ok be cool! I can search for it in the closet. May be I kept it safely.
    But Alas! The scarf is not there.
  1. Now the best friend alert!
    Call him/her to clarify your situation
  1. Already started lamenting over the scarf
  1. Shit! Your boyfriend gave that piece of love to you … And you forgot to inform him
  1. Going nostalgic over phone with your boy friend and discussing about how you felt when received that scarf
  1. When the younger brother starts making fun of you! Parents politely gave lecture of keeping things safe as you are matured enough to take care of your belongings.
  1. Your boy friend calls to inform that he has bought another scarf which is more stunning than the previous one.
    And suddenly your world seems to be complete!
  1. You hurriedly text him to send a picture of that token of love!!!

Life is beautiful!