Relationship is a very hard term to explain. No one can define what they actually want from a relationship. Having a partner in life is very much soothing as well as frustration though I am not being biased at all. We expect something, dreaming about our perfect life partner but what we get is an utter opposite of what we dreamt about. There are a host of the couple out there who remind us life is just tasteless and boring if they won’t meet. Here is a list of “those couple” who are more alike than others.

1# Horny Couple

It is all about cuddling, hugging and all those stuff buddies! They are just inseparable. You always found those couple in Coffee Shop or College Campus, hand in hand, lip closing moments, lots of love and endless giggling.


2# Quarreling Couple


Yell, yell and lot of yell. They started to argue on silly issues, “Why did you give her you book?”, “Why don’t you pick up your phone?” They just don’t need any reason to quarrel and argue.


3# Serious Couple

They have all the burden in the world. It seems that they are going to die tomorrow and talk in that manner. They both don’t interfere and try to converse more logically than the rest.


4# Moody Couple


It all depend upon the mood. They change their skin like the weather. They can laugh and cry at the same time my friends. Keeping it simple for everyone, they shut themselves from their loved one anytime they want.


5# Casual Couple


They are the most classy one. Rather thinking too much, they just concentrate on the people in their life. They laugh, drink and merry all the time. They are the best duo to hang out without thinking to hurt one of them.


6# Foodie Couple


All they think about is Food! They always exploring and hopping to the famous food joints together. It is kind of cute though.


7# Selfie Couple 


Click! Click! Click!

They are obsessed with themselves. They forget everybody around them and started with their mobile phone.


8# Cost-cutting Couple


They always think how to save money! I am serious boys and girls. If these couples increase by number, the world will be a better place and all shops and shopping malls will shut down without blinking your eyes.


9# Tech-savvy Couple


They love to cuddle and play the video game in a lazy afternoon. They seem engrossed into their own world of gadgets and technical stuff.


10# Confused Couple


They are the most irritated couple if you notice them from a distance, but, believe me, they love each other’s company. They discuss, they decide and then again discuss for more option. It is kind of fun.


Love your partner, it’s an awesome feeling friends.