Divorce is probably as painful as death. It is ugly; not only do they tear families apart, lead to nasty custody battles as well. While some parents decide to go for a joint custody, giving both of them the right to spend quality time with their children, but there are couples who like to take their differences over parenting issues to the court.

Bollywood couples in this particular matter are not different: there are a number of couples of Bollywood celebrities who have undergone court turmoil for the parents fighting for their custody. Let’s have a look at some of the celebrity couples who have been in the midst of such custody battles. Take a look

1# Leander Paes and Rhea Pillai123In his petition for custody, Paes has mentioned about his ex-partner Rhea Pillai as, “escapades, indiscreet and irresponsible behaviour, lack of personal maternal supervision, volatile temper and self-indulgence created insecurity in the child and was detrimental to a healthy upbringing,” as reasons to seek sole custody of their daughter Aiyana. He has also sought court’s order to restrain Rhea from taking Aiyana, out of Mumbai. When Rhea was contacted she refused to comment on the matter, but her lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh told the media, “Rhea will fight for Aiyana’s custody. As per the law, in a live-in relationship, the custody of the child usually goes to the mother.”

2# Kamal Hassan and Sarika1234Sarika and Kamal had two daughters, Shruti and Akshara. Though the couple had a troubled marriage, they stayed together till 2004. Later, Sarika could not stay because of his alleged relationship with another woman, and she moved out, along with her two daughters.

She later decided to file a petition for the custody of her daughters. She won the case and moved to Mumbai with them. When Shruti Hassan grew up, she later went to stay with her father, and his live-in partner, Gouthami.

3# Sunjay Kapur and Karisma Kapoor12Sunjay Kapur filed a petition seeking the custody his daughter Samaira, and son Kiaan Raj Kapoor. Initially, Sunjay had filed for the custody of Samaira, but later he filed one for Kiaan as well. Karishma had left Sunjay’s home, after the birth of their son Kiaan.

Sunjay has told the media that he was forced to take this step because Karisma did not allow him to meet their children. Lawyer Jalaja Nambiar, who represents Sunjay has been quoted saying, “It is a battle for both the parties unless they opt for a settlement. It is not a cakewalk. It is a sensitive issue and should be dealt with in a sensitive manner.”

4# Raj and Kavita Kundraarticle-2014514510344638086000Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, and his first wife, Kavita Kundra, too were embroiled in a bitter custody battle of their child, Deleena. Initially, Raj was allowed to visit his daughter during the weekends and on weekdays in Kavita’s presence.

However, given Raj’s alleged infidelity, Kavita did not want him to have any contact with the child, and she approached the court to revoke his visitation rights. Raj Kundra eventually lost the case.

5# Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma’s parentsarticle-201451459503535435000Sanjay Dutt married Richa Sharma, and soon they welcomed their daughter, Trishala, into the world. Richa, who was suffering from brain tumour, passed away in 1996, which left Trishala all alone. Richa’s parents and her sister Ena, decided to fight for Trishala’s custody, as they were concerned about her upbringing.

Sanjay too fought the custody battle, but unfortunately, lost the case; and Trishala went on to live with her grandparents in the USA.

*Source: bollywoodshaadis.com*