Are You planning to get pregnant? Have you already bought the baby posters and looking at them give you goosebumps? Then here are 8 diet food that will increase the chances of pregnancy.


1# Olive Oil


Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat which decrease the level of insulin. The excess insulin in the system decreases the chances of pregnancy. Use Olive oil in Salad or cook your daily meal with it.


2# Chickpeas


Chickpeas increase the chances of pregnancy. You can consume lentils, bean, paneer instead of animal protein. It will help you to conceive easily.


3# Green Vegetable


Add spinach, broccoli and cabbage in your daily diet chart. These green vegetables contain folate which not only increases the chances of pregnancy but also surge the sperm quality. Folate also helps to reduce the chances of genetic deficiency of the unborn child.


4# Sea Fish


Sea fish contains omega 3 fatty acid which helps a woman to conceive more than consuming fatty fishes.


5# Fast Food


Avoid fast food like burger, cheese and fried foods. Process foods are also dangerous for a woman as it diminish the ovulation process and the chances to conceive.