Monsoon enhances the mood with a hint of romance and a crave to spend some cozy time with your partner. Having the perfect weekend in hand, suddenly a quirky plan arises to rush for a long drive with the groupies from school. Kolkata is a place from where you can opt for sea beaches, hilly mountains, historical monuments or some quiet destinations to sooth your soul. We bring you 5 destinations from Kolkata perfect for long drives in this awesome monsoon.

1. Mandarmani


The lovely beach will give you an immense pleasure with its clean atmosphere and gorgeous scenic beauty. It will take 4-5 hours by car to reach one of the finest resorts of Mandarmani. You can have a boat ride in the expanse to feel the sound of the ocean. Mandarmani has the second largest water barrage across Indian canalizing and the dam is over 11km long. You can spot some seasonal birds and deer too at the nearest Deer park. Being Parshwanath Hill near to the place, it is a perfect gateway for the trekking enthusiasts.

2. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour

Pack your bags for Diamond Harbour to inhale some fresh air and awesome fish curry. Located on the banks of Hooghly River, it is the port town of West Bengal. Diamond Harbour is a very popular picnic spot with river cruiser being a renowned activity here. With a steaming cup of coffee in this shivering monsoon, you can watch the sunset and sunrise with loved one by your side. If you are a history buff, you can explore many old forts and a 200-year-old lighthouse near the place.

3. Bakkhali


Bakkhali is a little beach town located to the south of West Bengal. It is a minimally inhabited area offers a quiet atmosphere for the people who want to spend the weekend peacefully. You can actually find the red Fiddler crabs marching away around your feet and explore the dense Casuarina groves. An awestruck sunset can amplify your mood with some awesome delicacies from the area.

4. Santiniketan


Stand by the name, Santiniketan is a perfect weekend destination founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore which is now known as Visva Bharati. From many popular attractions, the Uttarayan complex is where the poet lived and now converted into a museum and art gallery. The town is a peaceful weekend gateway from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata.

5. Jhargram


Jhargram has situated a little ahead of the Gangetic plains and shares the culture from both Jharkhand and West Bengal. The place transforms in the monsoon with green trees and flowers bloom in abundance. Belapahari and Kankrajhor hills being situated near the area, nature is quite pleasing during the monsoon.

If you have any other places in mind to explore in this monsoon, feel free to share with us. Happy driving!