Eyes popped when the news came in the corner that India’s dude Rohit Khandelwal has owned the title of Mr. World which made him the first ever Indian to win this prestigious title. He said,“ I still can’t believe that I have won the Mr. World title. Being the first Indian ever to win this title makes me immensely proud and ecstatic.” According to a report, among 47 participants across the world who were running for this coveted title, our dear boy managed to win it.

So, this young lad makes us proud. But what you do know about this young talent? Very little I guess.

Here are 5 unknown facts about Rohit that make you think for a while on his career and philanthropic activities.

13743137_1730618947192548_1552039223_n#1: Rohit inherits from Hyderabad and continued his studies and went to college in the city of Nizams.

13703101_1734562613478484_1606011268_n#2. Rohit was staff for SpiceJet and technical support assistant at the Dell Computers before he tried his luck in modeling,

13707065_150943581976835_1242959353_n#3. He started his career with modeling and moved to TV shows. While his struggling days in Mumbai, he worked in a couple of TV shows and ads which include a jewelry ad with Kareena Kapoor, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, MTV Big F, etc.

13725737_1067865026625825_1759266920_n#4. He won Mr. India title in 2015. He also won two special awards at the contest which are Provogue Personal Care Best Actor.Stay­On Mr. Active.

13774717_1097724713631496_420814953_n#5. If reports are to be believed, he denied to his father’s wishes to join the family business and try his luck in modeling. This lad certainly knows to follow his heart.

Needless to say, this dude is a fitness freak and do his daily workout in the sexiest way possible. He shared his journey on the Instagram of transforming his physique with some really moving quotes.

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