If you still don’t notice the calendar then let me take all the credit to give you the great news that 25th December will be Friday and there are 3 days to spend an awesome weekend with your family and friends. There are so many places near Kolkata you won’t consider to visit but you may think a while and take a look at these five destinations. It will not let you down for sure.

1# Giridih, Jharkhand – 326 km from Kolkata

Giridih Jharkhand

Giridih is a very old, pristine village near Jharkhand, situated beside the beautiful Khandoli River. If you are a adventure lover then you will surely attracted to this place as Giridih offers opportunities like rock-climbing, parasailing and boating. The nearby Pareshnath Hill which is the highest hill in Jharkhand savors the serene beauty of the virgin nature and panoramic view of the lush jungles.

Places to visit – You can visit Madhuban – an old village, the Samosharan temple, Bhomiyaji Sthan and a Jain Museum. You can enjoy a day trek to Pareshnath Hill or take a walk to Dalgando –  a nearby village of Giridih.

2# Baharampur, Murshidabad – 200 km from Kolkata

Baharampur Murshidabad

If history attracts you, then this is the best place for nurturing your nostalgia and gives you an immense pleasure to visit our glorious past. The city served as the first Head Quarter of the East India Company. Later other European colonial forces also moved here, including the Dutch, French and Portuguese. The Nawabs and Sultans of Bengal also established a strong presence in the city.

Places to visit – Hazarduari Palace, Katra Masjid, Barrack Square, British Town Hall, Pataleshwar Temple of Cossimbazar, Nizamat Imambara, old British Barracks, Central Jail, Krishnath College, British Town Hall, Saidabad Palace, Old Cossimbazar Palace, , Nashipur Palace, Home of Jagat Seth, Jafarganj Cemetery, Kathgola Palace, Fauti Masjid, Namak Haram Deorhi, Khushbagh, Dutch graveyard of Cossimbazar, Old English Graveyard of Cossimbazar, Residency Cemetery of Babulbona, Dutch graveyard of Cossimbazar, Old English Graveyard of Cossimbazar, Cemetery of Burmese King Thibo, Laldighi Park and Motijhil Park, New Cossimbazar Palace etc.

3# Gour, Malda – 375 km from Kolkata

Gour Malda

Nestled near the bank of Ganges, Gour is the best place for spending some quality time with your family. You can explore a number of archaeological sites, historical places with splendid architectures.

Places to visit – Dakhil Darwaz, built with red bricks, decorated with motifs of rosettes, suns, lamps etc.  Lukochuri Darwaza or the Royal Eastern Gate, built in Mughal style in the year 1655 by Shah Shuja. A Kadam Rasul, housing the footprint of The Prophet is also found within the fort area.

4# Deoghar, Jharkhand – 373 km from Kolkata

Deoghar Jharkhand

Deoghar is about temples, hills, lakes, dense forests and the colonial buildings of Seths and Zamindars. It still holds the charm and natural beauty of its past. Life seems paused here for centuries here.

Places to visit – baidhyanath Dham, Ramkrishna Mission Bidyapith established in 1922, Nandan Hill Park, Navlakha temple, Shiv Temple at Bashukinath etc.

5# Rajgir, Bihar – 490 km from Kolkata

Rajgirh Bihar

Rajgir is drenched in history with hills and dense forest. Here Lord Buddha stayed and preached and also Mahabir spent 14 years preaching here at Rajgir. You can still found the little traces of our glorious history like caves, temples and jails from our history.

Places to visit – Nalanda, Pawapuri and Bodhgaya

Happy Journey Madbuddies!