Hello to all! Happy to be back in track. Being the sole writer for Madbangles, I didn’t give justice to my readers and followers for not being regular like previous years. But, this year, “writing for my baby Madbangles” is on my priority list.

So, I moved to a new city – Hyderabad. And I get married too. So much hullabaloo in life. Duh! I am managing like a pro it seems. The city is treating me well. From lip-smacking Biryani to Brinjal Curries – I am head over heels, truly madly in love with Hyderabad. Here are my five top picks for you to know about the city and fall in love like me.

Awesome People

Hyderabadi people are very welcoming. Most of the crowd in new Hyderabad has shifted recently. Hence, they speak different languages. The natives can speak Hindi and English fluently. But what remarkable is – they are very welcoming and friendly. I met nice people here who are always ready to help, very polite and share their food. My awesome colleagues teach me one Telugu word every day.

Good Food

If you are a non-vegetarian, try Biryani here. Every restaurant serves in a huge quantity that three people can easily share one Biryani. I felt Paradise a bit over-rated. I have tried Biryani from 4 seasons, United Kitchen of India, Kritunga and Moti Mahal. They all are delicious. I was never a beer person until I tasted brewed beer here. We went to Over the Moon to spend a casual Friday night, and I ended up loving “the name” and Rajma Kulche (unlike of me, who is a hardcore non-vegetarian). Also, had delicious Masala Crab in The Fisherman’s Wharf. With live music and fresh seafood, we celebrated my first salary party in Hyderabad.

Safe City

Being a working woman, I often took shared autos, cabs to reach office. People here are very friendly, and they navigate if you are unable to find any location. I don’t have much idea about the old city, but Hitech City, Gachibowli and nearby places are safe for women. I have recently attended one Hyderabadi wedding, and the kind of warm welcome we got is truly overwhelming. Most of the people lend a helping hand without thinking twice is genuinely appreciative.


The new Hyderabad is full of breweries and microbreweries, and you will love it. Apart from famous bars and restaurants, we recently went to Ram ki Bandi, the renowned food corner which opens at 3 am and serves delicious south Indian cuisines. You can have a quick tea break at Nimrah Cafe and Bakery, near Charminar and have the best Irani Tea with special snacks. There are always some exhibitions or concerts that are happening around the city. You need to keep a track and explore more.

Shopping Destination

Laad Bazaar

Just shop till you drop! Hyderabad has a whole wide range of shopping destinations where you can get even when you don’t need any one of them. Who doesn’t love the variety of bangles you will find in Charminar or the Indian wear/dress material available in Begam Bazar? Also, Hyderabad has numerous malls and supermarkets. Don’t just think, I meant only clothes and footwear, grocery shopping has much more variety, and you get anything and everything here. Being a Bong and working person, I am more relaxed as everything is readily available here.

I am sure a lot of you will agree with me and have more opinion beyond this list. Do share your experience and encourage your friends to visit this beautiful city once.