Breakup is painful and trust me I experienced it in the most bitter way possible. These intense emotions and uncertainties lead me to pen down my thoughts on how you can overcome from a long term relationship.

“I will never leave you, I love you, you will always be mine”  – these are the words of love in initial stages. He /she used to say these words 10 times a day. But as time flies, these words also starts fading. After two-three years of relationship may be he/she will stop telling these words. He or she starts lying to you even about small things. There are many reasons that lead to a painful breakup and it might happen your partner is your best friend. Breaking a relationship is never easy and you need to chalk out every reason to choose your decision. But, after the decision is made, you feel heartbroken and sometimes feel that life ends with this pain. But, do you consider if I can give you six solutions by which you can overcome the pain?

1.  Mourn on the loss

Don’t pull yourself back from not mourning. Express the feelings to a person you trust the 2nd most. Keep sharing your thoughts and express freely. This will help you to shade weight from your heart. Remember that there is a reason that the relationship has ended so take it on a positive note and move on though it will keep hurting you time to time. This pain will also make you a strong and matured person.

2. Do things you love to do

Even if you don’t feel like doing anything you must think about the things you love to do or you have always wanted to do. It is painful to visit places once you visited with your ex, but life doesn’t stop with it! Do those things may be forcefully but after few days or may be after a month it will help you to recover and you will find a new routine.

3. Do not follow your ex

Stop following your ex on social media. Also stop seeing his pictures and gifts that he has given to you. If possible delete all photos and return all the gifts(just courier the gifts back to his/her address). Also stop mingling with your ex’s friends circle. Don’t say anything harsh about him/her or his family to anybody. Just try to react normal if anyone asks about him. If by any chance you come across your ex, react normal and try to ignore even if he tries to indulge you in a serious talk.

4. Don’t do drugs and alcohol

Try not to bury your pain by alcohol and drug. As these things will make you emotionally weak and also cloud your judgement. What positive steps you have taken will go into vain. If alcohol can cure a pain then there was no need of doctors in the world! Sometimes, these sedatives affect our health and turn into a habit.

5. Try to communicate with friends

Try to communicate and talk as much as possible. Arrange a get-together and have a hearty conversation which you missed for years as you had to give time to your beloved partners. Hangout with your besties and enjoy a pajama party, a night out or a simple movie with popcorn. These activities will heal your pain gradually.

6. Travel

I believe travel works as a therapy. Sometimes all you need to escape from the reality and live a life on your own. I would recommend solo trip where you will navigate your way to the destination. Couple travels a lot and sometimes you forget how you would survive without anyone guiding you throughout the trip. Solo travel bolsters your confidence and turns you a more matured and responsible person.

Life is beautiful and you should not spend those beautiful days mourning on a person or on a dead relationship. Do whatever that make you happy and the universe will move according to your plan.

Maybe I missed few points. So, I request you  to share your story of how you handled breakup and suggest more options to our readers.