We often heard that couples are being separated and we accused the girl of ending the relationship. The couple was going great for two years and suddenly the girl took the decision to be apart. But, we missed few facts that may be, just maybe the reason is something different! It might be the fault of that guy which pissed off the girl so much that she took the decision ending their relationship. Here are 9 facts guys commit to ending their year-long relation.

1. Telling lies


This is the most common mistake guys do to create a mess in their relationship. During the beginning years, the guys tell lies about their smoking or drinking habits or lying about their whereabouts! But they fail to understand that any relation depends on trust and loyalty. Lying to your girlfriend would do no help in carrying your relationship for long.

2. Not paying enough attention to her


We do agree that sometimes girl becomes a chatterbox but trying to listen to them would do no harm as you are the only best friend they have to discuss anything. Not paying attention to her words will let her think that you are careless and least bothered about her feelings.

3. Comparing with other girls


Every girl possesses different qualities and comparing her with other girls may hurt her badly. The guy should appreciate her qualities and initiatives to build the relationship. This mistake may cause severe damage in your bonding with the girl.

4. Screaming on her in front of other people


Many guys scream and shout at their girlfriends in front of their friends or strangers. Stop doing that for God’s sake. She is not your property whom you can scold and trash in front of others. Try listen to her problems. This behaviour will only damage her respect towards you.

5. Always pinpointing her faults


Everybody has their unique flaws which make them individual and unique. Pinpointing and poking your noses in her faults will make you all alone by urself crying heavily for your mistakes. Mind it!

6. Pushing her for physical engagement without knowing her priorities


If you are continuing a relationship just to have intimate with her then don’t! Try to understand her priority and respect her privacy. If she feels you are the one for her, she will not hesitate to make you come close to her heart.

7. Ignoring her in depressing moments


She was always there by your side whenever you felt alone and needed a shoulder to dump your worries. Now, it is your time to support her and you would leave an incurable pain if you ignore her in these situations.

8. Not accepting her or not portraying her as a special person in front of friends or family or relatives

not accepting

Sometimes, girls feel insecure and heartbroken if the man of her life would not accept her as a special person in front of friends, family or relatives. If you value her presence in your life, do celebrate her in front of your loved ones as it only strengthens her love towards you.

9. Excessive Gifting


Expensive gifts don’t help in making any relationship make strong. If you want to gift her something, bestowed her with your presence in her life and unconditional love towards her. Instead of gifting expensive items, try to solve a problem by talking to her. The girl will remain with you forever and even after eternity.