Your first love is the most blissful feeling and marrying your first love can be the best feeling a lover can expect from God. Just like businessman, Bharat Takhtani, whose first and last love is Esha Deol. Esha and Bharat’s love story had a happy ending as they both tied the knot on June 29, 2012. Let us look back their journey of love and their fairytale wedding affair.


Teenage Crush

When Bharat was just 13-year-old, he “had a huge crush” on Esha. He was studying in the Learners Academy, in Bandra, while Esha went to Jamnabai Narsee School, in Juhu. They “often met at inter-school art competitions”. It was then when Bharat realised he had fallen in love with her. “There was a certain freshness and cuteness about her. We began seeing each other,” recalls Bharat.

Due to an incident things turned sour between these cute teens. As Esha explains, “Once when he wanted to hold my hand, I snapped and reacted saying, ‘How dare you hold my hand?” After this incident everything fizzled out between them. But as Bharat shares, “Though I didn’t keep in touch with her, I remained friends with Ahaana (Esha’s younger sister). So, somewhere the connection remained. I always nurtured a soft corner for Esha. After all, she was my first love.”

Destiny has other plans

It was a few years later, when Bharat and Esha met again at the Niagara Falls. There, he confessed his feeling saying, “She was his crush since school days”. So, they gave a thought to it and began dating. And soon the pretty actress fall in love with the Happy Bharat. Esha says, “What I really liked about Bharat was his family values, his simplicity and his outlook towards life. I also find him very handsome. No matter how hard he might party or how rich his family might be, he still holds strong traditional values, which is evident from the way he respects his parents. I knew it then, if I married him, he would love me the same way,”


The Epic Love Affair

Esha always wanted to have a love marriage, but not without her parent’s approval. “If you find someone with whom you’d be able to spend the rest of your life, someone whose face you wish to see before going to sleep and on waking up, then it’s beautiful. I can’t understand the arranged marriage concept; I had to fall in love to get married,” says the Dhoom girl Esha.

Walking the Aisle

After dating for almost a year, the couple was finally ready to exchange the rings on February 12, 2012. The couple settled for a quite ceremony. “Bharat and I had decided to keep it a low-profile family affair. He is very traditional in his ways, so we just did a little puja at home followed by the engagement ceremony,” Esha said. The wedding ceremony comprised of mainly 3 functions, the sangeet ceremony, mehendi night in Mumbai followed by reception. Pouring her heart, Esha said, “I am madly in love with him, I can’t take my eyes off him.” Even Bharat said he was “looking forward to having” his best life with his “princess for life”.

And finally, the much awaited moment reached on June 29, 2012, when Esha and Bharat tied knot in ISKCON temple, in Juhu. With all the family and friends a close affair was ensured for the couple, “We want the wedding to be a comparatively private affair with relatives and close friends from both sides in attendance. It is not possible to have the wedding at our home. We chose a temple, because it is a perfect place for matrimony,” said Hema.

The reception was attended by Amitabh Bachchan family, Anupam Kher and his wife, Manoj Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Vinod Khanna and wife Kavita and many more who arrived in to congratulate and bless the couple. Few days after their gala wedding affair, the new couple left for a month long honeymoon to a secret location.