Well as the time changes so does people – I have changed a lot too. But as per my own experience my change has been a drastic one in the last 6 years.

6 years ago on this day itself I had left my house and came to a new city for the first time and to settle in. Friends, family, career, love lots of things happened and it happen to quite quickly. I met someone with whom I just flew all the way high, I loved him truly and really inspite of his religion, cast and society. I just took the boldest step of my life – I married him. Life still was a flying saucer for both of us, we took lots of adventure trips, explored new places together, worked together, changed the city and made a home together. We were busy living and loving every bit of it. Life was quite a challenge and a number of experiences. I like to play just like Carrie Bradshaw I made my own rules to work it out for my marriage and the most important was there was no rule at all. Life seemed to be a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs and we made it big and splendid.1But at the centre shifted from us to ours life seem to be different here 6 years later. I am a different person now from the Rebel I was because I am a mother of a 5 month old son now. It happened last year and I was overwhelmed, yes I never wished liked or handled any kid before but people say the right thing “when you gotta do it you gotta do it.”

From being Carrie to being Charlotte was quite a journey. Obviously time was a big factor but the mentality had to change also. And when you feel the little life inside you it just makes up your whole day, we made the rules of our marriage for no rules, so exactly there was no limitations for the arrival. But yes I was afraid of all the responsibility and all the Chaos just like Carrie. But when you hold your little life in your arms for the first time I think you yourself is Reborn as a new mother. I hold my son and all my pain just vanished. Dealing with every day taking care of him is quite a task but I enjoy it. For the time being eye optic to stay at home till he becomes a little older. Leaving the job after working continuously for 6 years is not quite an easy task but to watch my son grow up each day and learning new things on his own just fulfills its purpose. Yes I miss my job and sure I will reach on the world but at this moment I want to enjoy my child’s childhood.2So moving from carry to Charlotte I just made this little Apartment my home where I Crave to be in spite of all the world. This is the place where my love comes back after a hard day as soothe him from his tiredness. This is the place where my son wakes up every morning and cries for me. This is life which has taught me to change and to change for the good. May be in another few years I would again evolve from Charlotte to Miranda but at this moment I am enjoying my own momentum.