We all expect something outstanding from Aparna Sen as we encountered “Goynar Baksho” to be as enriched and entertaining one. But this time, “Arshinagar” didn’t match our expectation as it falters somewhat in execution. The film can be a breath of fresh air but it is a musical rather than a Romeo-Juliet drama.

“The high point of the film are the performances. All the actors, including Dev, have performed perfectly. However, Jisshu and Swagata take the cake. Jisshu’s kohl-eyed take on Tybalt adds that right dash of salt to the broth, while Swagata plays the perfect blend of the Nurse and the Chorus, giving the narrative that slight push whenever it needs a twist. Even Rittika does a good job of playing the innocent and playful Zulekha.” (Source –

There was almost-a-musical air. The lead pair sings neighbourhood goons sing, a politician sings,  slum-dwellers sing and Parvathy Baul sings whenever the story takes a dramatic turn. Another highlight of the film is its music. And Debojyoti Mishra has nailed it. From the situation songs to Sufi strains the film is a musical delight.

But I suggest, just buy two buckets of popcorn as an empty stomach won’t let you sit in silence for the entire movie.

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