The world has many places that offer you great experiences, breathtaking moments and amazing views. Some tourist spots have beautiful mountains and stunning valleys; some are deserts but still have a great deal to offer. Each is beautiful in its own way. Very few places have the best of everything and Arunachal Pradesh is one such place. The state is rich with picturesque beauty that offers relaxation and rejuvenation. The literal meaning of Arunachal Pradesh is a “land of the dawn-lit mountains”. Located in the easternmost part of the Indian Territory.

1# Tawang


The land of Monpas, Tawang still remains a hidden gem among all the gorgeous hill stations of India. Perched at 10,000 feet on the Eastern Himalayas, it boasts of stunning unspoiled sceneries and a flurry of pristine lakes all around.


2# Shonga-tser Lake


Shonga-tser Lake is located at a distance of 42 kilometres from Tawang. This lake after the shooting of movie Koyla was named by tourists as Madhuri Lake. An earthquake in this region resulted in the formation of Shonga-tser Lake in 1971, which until then was grassland that served the cattle of the locals here.

3# Nuranang Waterfalls


Tawang has to offer every form of nature at its best to your eyes. Nuranang Waterfalls is one such wonderful attraction that Tawang offers. This spectacular 100 meter-high waterfalls is located 40 km away from Tawang and it is also called as Jang Falls since it is close to Jang, a town between Tawang and Bomdila. Originating from northern slopes of the famous Sela Pass, Nuranang River forms the waterfalls and then plunges into Tawang river. The Hydel power station nearby is open for visits.


4# Namdapha


Namdapha National Park is the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayan sub-region located in between the Dapha bum range of the Mishmi Hills and the Patkai range. Along with the primary forest, the park has an extensive bamboo and secondary forests. Due to the characteristics of the region, diverse species of animals and birds can be seen in the park. A diversity of mammals can be spotted such as Eurasian Otters, Asiatic Small Bears, Wolves, Dholes, Clouded Leopards, Tigers, Red Foxes, Red Pandas, Fishing Cats and Musk Deer. There are at least 500 species of birds in Namdapha, including global rarities like Snowy-throated Babbler, White-Bellied Heron, Rufous-necked Hornbill and Ward’s Trogon. Various tribes have been thriving in this area including the Lisu, Singpho and Tangsa tribes.


5# Yingkiong


Yingkiong a beautiful town is known for its natural beauty, situated along the left bank of the River Siang. Yingkiong is inhabited by four main tribes namely, Adi, Khamba, Mishmis and Memba. Owing to the different beliefs of different tribes, the district presents a diverse culture, which is prominent in their dances, dresses and festivals celebrated. Ponung, Roja and Broh Dance are some of the prominent dances of the region. Apart from its rich culture, the town of Yingkiong is flocked by tourists for its famous Mouling National Park.


6# Ziro


Ziro is a quaint old town in Arunachal Pradesh, home to the Apa Tani tribe and famous for its pine hills and rice fields. There is a famous Shiva Lingam at a few kilometres from Ziro. During the agriculture season, tourists can witness the paddy (rice) cum fish culture which is the practice of rearing fish in the rice fields. The Ziro Putu is a hillock from where one can see the entire Ziro valley. Tourists keen on trekking can explore the Talle Valley, an area full of biodiversity. The flora and fauna here range from sub-tropical forests to silver fir trees, as well as a variety of ferns, bamboo, orchids.