Best gadgets you need to start your YouTube Channel in 2020

Best gadgets you need to start your YouTube Channel in 2020

While starting your first youtube channel, it’s a bit tricky to invest in cool gadgets for recording, video editing, and what’s not! Most of your favorite YouTubers will suggest you start with your mobile phone, and it’s true to some extent.

YouTube has become the most popular platform for sharing video content online. There are so many talented and celebrated YouTubers who make useful and entertaining content to express their creativity, make extra money, promote themselves or their business. Possibly, become a massive “Influencer” in their field.

If you are serious about starting a channel and creating quality content, there are several things you will need to prepare – the most important being your essential video equipment.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel?

If you have truly unique and amazing content and a great personality, you could probably start with just your smartphone. But, you also have to keep in mind that YouTube has become an extremely competitive space. Being a beginner, it’s best to put effort into the visual quality and audio quality to ensure that you get views and gain subscribers. 

You will find many established YouTubers use a wide array of gadgets for making youtube videos. Some YouTubers have their team or hire professional video editors and camera operators to shoot their videos – but, you don’t need to go that far. Here is a list of the basic youtube equipment for beginners to start your YouTube channel:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Lighting
  • Video Editing Software

You have your Smartphone!

Many established YouTubers suggest that you should always start with your smartphone if you don’t have a DSLR or high-end gadgets handy. Accessories for youtube can be costly and you don’t need to burn your pocket by investing a huge amount of money on gadgets you are not comfortable with.
We suggest to start recording with your smartphone with the minimum resolution required 1080p IE full HD, and you are good to go.


The most important piece of equipment to have is the camera. But, you need not to buy an expensive DSLR or recorder – you can use a pretty decent smartphone that can record high-quality (at least 1080p) videos. 

Choosing a decent camera with good specifications and into the budget is tricky. Here are our top two recommended professional-quality cameras you can try.

DSLR Options (find specifications on Amazon)


The audio quality plays a major role in your YouTube video and it’s vital to have a good quality microphone with you while creating content, with quality video, a crystal clear voice can engage the viewers, you can’t ignore these accessories in any manner at all. 

We recommend Boya Lav for beginners. It’s famous among YouTubers and you can use this one for indoor video recording, and the price margin is very generous compared to other costly equipment. You can also try Rode Video Mic which has a directional mic that cuts off lots of ambient noise. Also, the mic is better for outdoor vlogging or video recording.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

Believe it, holding the camera for a long time, and pointing to the same position is difficult. Even holding it with your hand also causes unstable videos which are not useful. You will find different types of tripods, hand-held tripods also known as tabletop tripods, and full-length tripods or professional tripods available in the market.

Gimple is a specific kind of equipment which is a must if you are shooting outdoors and it’s the best camera for making outdoor youtube videos. It can allow you to take rotatable video footage by mounting your camera on it.

  1. Tripod – any tripod which has a fluid head. Lightweight Tripod 55-Inch is a good way to start recording your video.
  2. Gorilla Tripod for vloggingJoby JB01507 GorillaPod is a good option, comes around a price of $50
  3. Gimbal – there are two types of the gimbal. One for smartphones which cost around $90 and another type of gimbal is for DSLR or mirror-less which costs around $320.


Most of the YouTubers ignore the importance of light setup to save their money. When you watch your favorite YouTubers’ video, you notice that the videos may be a single shot, but the lights are great and can enhance their screen appearance.

Imagine a video without proper light conditions, it’s just only a scrap piece of content. Professional quality videos require a more lightning environment. If you are shooting outdoors, these accessories may not be useful for you all the time. For indoor shootings, high quality and soft and soothing lights are a must to your surroundings for a better effect if you want.

Here are few lighting options you can check – 

Laptop or PC

Any decent laptop or PC can do the trick for normal editing for your video. You have to check that it’s capable enough to render minimum FULL HD video for the video. Henceforth,your video editing software is enough to do the magic for you.

Video Editing Software

After you’ve got all the necessary hardware you need, you should also focus on having a good video editing software for post-production. However, YouTube has its video editor where you can edit your video and add royalty free background music. But, it would be great to have your software so that you have more freedom to modify your video in the way you like it. Hitfilm Express is a good starting point. It’s free and has lots of features like paid software. 

If you have the budget to spend on software, we suggest Adobe Premiere Elements 18 which is very popular among YouTubers. Many YouTubers use Filmora. Coming from the top industry leaders in video editing software programs, it ensures that your video to look professional, have features like video trimming, freeze, bounce-back effects, animations and more – so that you can turn material into professional-quality videos that your viewers will love and subscribe to your YouTube Channel. 

That’s all for today. If you want to hear more from us or have any suggestion, please share in the comment section below.

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