Hand in hand, a sweet promise never to let go, a small souvenir in pocket dreaming of the future with hopes and wishes to come true. Sharing a piece of Paratha, licking the last drop of homemade Gulab Jamun that his girl friend prepared for her lover. Life seems so beautiful all of a sudden. The breeze of winter just adds an extra emotion with a warmth within the palms. The girl says to the boy, “Do you love me?”. I eagerly wait for the answer. the boy paused for a moment & replies, “More than words”.

Now-a-day, Kolkata becomes so crowded and contrived, there is no such place to convey your feelings, to say “I love you” or spending a lazy weekend just looking at each other. But without many prologue, MadBangles brings you eleven lover spots that you can visit and spend some quality time together – alone!


1# Millennium Park, kolkata

millennium park

Millennium Park, situated near Babughat on the bank of river Ganges is a nice place to hang out for 2-3 hours. The park is well surrounded by trees and plants with chair arrangements to spend some time with your loved one.

2# Victoria Memorial, Kolkata


In the heart of the city Victoria is a place where you find couple lost in their thoughts without disturbing by any commoners so far. The scenic beauty and the large marble buildings added an extra advantage for lovers for seek and hide!

3# Science City, Kolkata

science city

Science City is the perfect place for your family and friends to spend some quality time with joy rides and interesting activities. There is a place for the lovers too. You have to find it out by your own!

4# Central Park


“Lover’s Paradise” as it called is a beautiful destination for lovers. The chilling breeze, flowers and marvelous gardens are very attractive to spend quality time this winter.

5# Nalban Park, kolkata


Enjoy an evening at Nalban boating complex and you will fall in love with the place. The lake measures nearly 400 acres on surface area is surrounded by dense forest. The food is great here as well as the crowd.

6# Eco Park, Kolkata

eco park

Eco Park is a perfect combination of wide lake, garden, boating and great food. You must visit “Cafe Ekante” for the atmosphere and a warm cup of coffee in the evening.

7# Nicco Park


If you have a day to spend with someone special, you must visit Nicco Park as it will be a fun filled day with joy rides, cave trips and lip smacking foods for a start. The visitors called it “Disneyland of Kolkata”.

8# Rabindra sarobar


A relaxed evening, a cup of tea from the Chayewalah, an endless discussions on future- and you will think of only one name Rabindra sarobar – a perfect place for hangout, evening walk and sharing a memorable evening together.

9# Princep Ghat, Kolkata

princep ghat

Princep Ghat is a must visit place for all the scenic beauty lovers. Couple hand in hand, hot Pao Bhaji and the river Ganges gives an utmost pleasure in the evening. It is also very famous for photoshoot for wedding and other occasions.

10# Nandan, Kolkata


Plan a movie date with your loved one and enjoy an authentic evening together.

11# Mohar Kunj, Kolkata


Opposite of Nandan, Mohar Kunj is a public urban park, beautifully decorated garden with wonderful seating arrangements surrounded by flower and lights. Enjoy your winter some beautiful live performances at Mohar Kunj.

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