If you still waiting for the day when you will have your moment of freedom, not yet finished with your nonstop self-conversation, here is a real-life experience of three daring ladies who drove from Delhi to London covering Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom, reported TOI.


Dr Soumya Goyal, Rashmi Koppar and Nidhi Tiwari started their journey in June 2015 with one driver from the trio. They travelled 600 km per day with no late night drives, rather they spent their evening by exploring the city and interacting with the localities. Dr Soumya told TOI, “We avoided driving late at night, instead, spent evenings exploring the cities. In fact, we didn’t find a single woman driving on the highway till we reached Europe.”


Their fourth partner was Mahindra First Choice and the Google translator for further assistance. They are safe with their families right now but gave much courage to the nation.





We wish them all the happiness and love from our team for being the inspiration for many women who want a vacation for their own.

Gear Up ladies!