With the winter breeze, you wake up in the morning,  prepare a hot cup of tea for your husband and waiting for the glimpse of his smile or the adore in his eyes you are missing for few years. Waking beside your spouse with a happy face is now a myth. You have all the responsibilities from job to children and other unnecessary circumstances you just can not avoid. But you can spice things up and have a fantastic morning and rest of the day cuddling in the bed or a bit romance in the kitchen throughout the weekend. Here are 5 tips for you to heighten your better half and create a new affair with your spouse and boyfriend altogether.


1# Take a hot water bath in the morning. You will feel refreshed as well as your boyfriend or spouse. Anybody will appreciate a lovely lady in a bathrobe, don’t you think?

2# Try a little makeup. Who told you not to when you are at home! A little mascara will do no harm. It will enhance your natural beauty and more vibrantly to your spouse.


3# Give a new hairstyle with a flower to your hair bun. You can also try some curl or a little wave. Your husband or boyfriend will love you more with a little effort you put to attract him.

4# A perfume can attract a lost soul. Use two drops of cologne in the water while bathing. Let the eccentric fragrance mesmerize your boyfriend and intrigue him to come a little closer.


5# Keep humming your favourite songs, old or new, it will lighten your mood. If you feel happy about yourself, your spouse will be happy and bewitched by your charm.

Try these tips for a week. You will surely experience the new joy in your romance and bed. And one important message for all the couples – buy a blanket! The winter just approaches the city. You might need it .