We post many things in Facebook, like going out with friends or having favourite breakfast, but a girl from Kerala, Remya Ramachandran posted why she broke off her marriage.

Here is her story-


Here is an announcement for people asking me about my marriage. The man, who used to say, before the engagement, that he needed just me, is now demanding Rs 5 lakh and 50 sovereigns of gold. Since I’m completely not in favour of dowry and believe it will be a losing proposition to buy into a family that cannot keep its word, I have decided to cancel this alliance. Thank you.


Soon her words became viral and everyone supports her despite the language she posted in Facebook. Her bold attempt to stand out against the social norms and follow her guts really bring out positive supports from everyone.

Later she replies to all her well-wishers,

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your huge support. I’m overwhelmed. I juz wanted to let my circle know about cancellation of marriage, never expected this to break. Meanwhile, I would like to explain that the decision was my declaration. Never had an intention to hurt anyone specifically. Please don’t use my post for personalized humiliation, instead use it against our social norms. People are ignorant for their own convenience and profit. Thank you once again,”




We need more Remya to protest and stand out against this heinous social crime, dowry. We wish her best of luck for her bright future ahead.