Kolkata is famous for many things and one of the most popular is its street foods. Be in Dalhousie, Saltlake, Esplanade or Jadavpur – you will get an array of delicacies from Jhalmuri to Phuchka or Momo’s to Kebabs. Probably the cheapest from all the metro cities, here are 10 lip-smacking street foods available in Kolkata which you should never miss.

1# Phuchka
Loved by all, Phuchka also known as Golgappa is a bit different in taste. It is offered with a stuffing of mashed potatoes mixed with spices and ‘tetul-jol’ (tamarind pulp water). Phuchka stalls are present almost at every nook and corner of a street in Kolkata, but the best are available at Vivekananda Park and Gariahat.

2# Jhalmuri
The best companion for travel, Jhalmuri is a mixing puffed rice with various ingredients and spices and served in a paper bag is a delight to every age. You don’t need to find too much for a Jhalmuri Wala as he can be found just outside of your apartment.

3# Papri Chat or Batata Puri
Unlike Batatapuri available in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa etc, Papri Chat in Kolkata has its own flavour topped with spiced potatoes, chopped onions, coriander, chilli, yellow Indian peas boiled, and dressed in red tamarind chutney that tastes tangy sweet.

4# Singara or Samosha
A deep fried snack stuffed with potato and mixed vegetables is an evening snacks relished with Chatney or Tomato sauce.Shingaras over tea used to be a essential snack for guests who paid a quick evening visit in a Bengali household.

5# Chowmein
Chinese influence is very much exist in Kolkata foods, but with a spicy touch of Bengal. “Chow’ as it is  called here, is stir fried noodles topped with chicken strips, fried scrambled eggs, stir fried vegetables, chopped onion, cucumber salad and ketchup.

6# Roll
Kathi rolls, egg rolls, chicken rolls, mutton rolls, egg-chicken rolls, egg-mutton rolls, double egg roll, paneer roll, vegetable roll, tikia roll – the list will never stop. They are basically made by wrapping upchicken, mutton or other ingredients inside the ‘lachha paratha’. Best places are Arsalan, Bedouin Roll’s Hut and Nizam’s to name the least.

7# Telebhaja
For every Bengali, “Telebhaja” is a very familiar name that starts with ‘aloor chop’, ‘beguni’, ‘vegetable chop’ and ‘mochar chop’. Like the traditional ‘pakodas’ it is mostly made with potatoes, brinjal, beetroot and various other vegetables.

8# Ghugni
Made from ‘matar dal’ this is a delicacy served with Tetuler Chatney, lemon, salad topping and chillies. Available almost everywhere I like the Ghugni at Gariahat. This works as an appetizer, because the more you have it, the more you want to have it.

9# Momos
Tibetan dish with a twist from Kolkata, isthe best in the New Market area which come at very cheap rates. Steamed or with gravy, momo is a recent Kolkata favourite. It is a kind of dumpling, but originally did not have chicken or vegetables as the stuffing. My favourite is a plate of steam momos from Denjong China, Jadavpur.

10# Tea
matir bharer cha
“Matir BhhaNrer Cha” is the most famous evening relaxation in Kolkata. A Bengali can discuss anything and everything over a cup of tea in Kolkata. With toast biscuits and fluffy cakes are one of the best things about experiencing winter in Kolkata(in my opinion)

If we are missing any items, kindly let us know and the availability of your tasty food snacks.