A woman is someone who woes a man off his feet and make him fall in love for her. Woman is a great mystery of the universe or precisely the most mysterious creation of all times by the great Almighty. Well, I’m a woman and I also don’t know myself 100%, or what I can say there is a broader perspective of knowing ourselves. Do we really know who we are or are we ready to face the grim reality of our own selves, the bitter, the harsher one which we always keep away from the world. Are we? Really ready? Well for me I’m not totally but still we all need to start somewhere- the beginning has to be somewhere someday, so let’s take a look-


Much like the Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, I also had my own definition and explanation of love in my own way and I also left my hometown to fall in love and to start a new life. Well the journey began, though I was devastated, broken and miserable in my first try I finally met the man of my life. He is a real charmer with an explicit sense of humour and a greater sex appeal. We fell in love, got married and the journey of marriage started. We loved each other, we consoled, comforted, cherished and healed in such a way that it has become almost impossible for us to get apart. We learned to manage to adjust according to each others need.


When I was young I used to think and quote -” Love is to laugh for each other, to cry for each other” and with him I have learnt and fulfilled it in every possible way. The girl has changed to a woman with all the necessity of life. Yes, we all have flaws, just like him, I also have. So what – life is not  a fairy-tale. You have to stick your shoes to the ground to live in this world. I had made my own rules, I had chosen a different partner, a lone city, an odd job, to become what I’m today. Without all these I would have never become the woman I’m. I love to make mistakes as it teaches me the most valued lessons of life, and we all know an etched diary is far better than a new one. At least you have the memories in it. When I look at the mirror today I find a different woman, a better a wiser and believe me- I have learnt it the hard way. Being a woman is not easy and making your own rules is harder, but if you have the courage to face the world you can achieve anything you want. I used to think about escaping my ordinary life before but I failed to notice that my life was never ordinary. It has always been special for me. It has always been the most valued teacher of myself.

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So, girls get ready, pack your bags, go for that adventure, explore your world, expand your horizon and your life. You never know who is waiting out there for you. Stay Blessed.