Recently an incident of moral policing in Pune took the internet over the sky and made us surprised. It is not new for the Indian society to forbid our girls’ from doing several things . Yes I agree that in the comparison to other countries we are much liberal but considering the standard of living, facilities and lifestyle available here it is still not enough. Being the largest growing economy in Asian continent we Indian women deserve more liberalism, at least moral policing should be stopped.

In the name of tradition and culture we are even denied the basic things like education or freedom of speech. We are barred from taking decision in important matters, or forced to comply with the opinions of our families whether in career or marriage.

Time has advanced, so the womankind all over the world. It is high time that we take a call on our situation now. Moral Policing has been affecting us since long and it is the final bell for us that we put a stop to all these notions now.

1. Mind the Dress1

Dressing in public has always been an issue with us. Whether you wear a saree or shorts it does not matter, if you are attractive then it will attract some unnecessary attention. We really are tired of people telling us to dress properly. We are adults and we know how to dress accordingly. Instead of telling us to dress properly tell your sons to behave decently. It is not the girls fault if you are aroused, she had not given you a hand job.

2. PDA

Public Display of Affection is still a taboo here. You can love the person but you can’t hug him infront of people. Whether it is CBFC or the elderly uncle standing next to you will cut the scene on the account of vulgarity. Love inside the doors is permitted , but love outside the doors forbidden.

3. Sex and Contraception

3We are women, all grown ups, just as you have your physical needs we also have the same. But the difference is if you talk about it, you are a stud, and if i do then I’m a slut. The difference is very clear in the mind. And please stop doing the virginity test. If you had lost yours long back, then i might also. It happens in the world.

4. Honoring the people , killing the love

Whether you belong to an upper caste urban family or a below poverty line rural family, you are always restricted to choose your life partner. It is always the first preference to let your family chose them for you. Yes few exceptions are there, but cases of honor killing has also been reported all across India. As an 18+ we have the rights and maturity to chose our life partner , and even if we fail in that then let us rectify that ourselves. Don’t forget that divorce cases are very common these days both in love and arranged marriage.

5. Marriage the final step

2Getting married is still considered as the ultimate goal of a girl’s life till now. Even if you don’t really want to get married in early 20s , you have to take a call atleast in early 30s as it is considered the last marriagble age. With all the nagging of your parents do everyday you finally give up to the title of ‘being single’ and go into a relationship abided by them. Destiny well decided.

6. Catering Services

A woman still in India is looked upon as a substitute of a maid or care taker who is there for you to cook and take care of your family. But I think that the Indian gentlemen squad has forgotten that we also come from the same ladder as they do. We complete our education in schools and colleges , not in kitchens and bathrooms. If you want good food or a neat and clean house, then bring a maid, cost cutting won’t help. Dont marry for the sake of this and create a mess out of the girl’s life by torturing and taunting her of her cooking skills. We are not born Sanjeev Kapoors.

7. Mothering a child

In India it is still believed that if you are married you are bound to have kids. Whether you want it or not. The woman’s will has never been taken into consideration Whether it is marital rape or killing of female foeticide, society is still silent, and left the women only to be blamed for not understanding the need of the husband or the family. We are the birth givers and we certainly have the power to decide whether to have or not to have kids, or at what point of time we would like to have them. Stop telling us to bring a heir to the family, we are not machines for delivering babies.

So now it’s high time that we change the course and the mind and it is always said correctly that, ” charity begins at home”.