beyonce-woman-power-feminismAs Shakespeare had said, “what’s in a name?”  But I differ to agree.

When any girl married to the person opted by her parents or by herself, there is no legal notice of changing her surname. I born with my surname moreover I am in love with my name/identity from childhood. I felt proud when my teacher called out my name in crowd. Whenever my surname misspelled with ‘u’ with ‘w’, I embarked to change it then and there. Then why should I change mine as my husband is not changing his!

I am not opposing others’ opinion for opting their husband’s name. But girls or women who want to choose their maiden name after marriage, we should strongly appreciate the fact of the courage and respect for their identity.

One woman went to her son’s PTM and encountered a strange or very common question-
After filling the feedback form the attendant inquisitively said, “Mam, You have given the wrong names”. She looked at her & then said, “No, I have given the right names. “She looked puzzled. She said further, “My son’s surname is same as his father’s. Mine is same as my father’s. Hope that’s not a problem”.

I never encountered such a smart answer so far in my life. Sometimes couple with different surnames asked by the hotel staff to show their marriage certificate to prove their relation. Is it so important! A surname can define a woman whether she is married or not! How funny I feel sometimes. Marriage should be defined by the bonding and respect a couple share.

But all these hassles are worth it when you stand for something you believe in. Go for it girls! Let sort it out with your spouse and in-laws. Because a simple step can change a stereotype mentality from generation.