The eternal conflict of North and South Kolkata, every Kolkatan feel proud to be a typical North or a stylish South. You can find two students debating over the delicacies of North and one is defending the Biriyani joints only can be found in South. Here are some awesome differences you will notice between these two diverse cultures!

#1. Where They Abodenorth-vs-south-kolkata-adobeThe North Bong generally resides in their 150 years old Bonedi Bari where the newbee’s of South prefer to set their foot in apartments.

#2. What They Eatnorth-vs-south-kolkata-foodTypical North bongs always relish home-made food by their mother specially Sukto, Bata MacherJhal, AamsotterChatni etc. Then South will relish SutkiMacherChochori, Muri Ghonto and PeperChatni for their gluttonous tough.

#3. What They Wearnorth-vs-south-kolkata-dressNorth people are mostly traditional in their attire wearing Pajama or Fatua for men and women clad in Saree or salwar. Girls prefer Kurti or Maxi dress or frocks. Where in South, all are funky and cool putting on skirts, lacy dresses, t-shirts, shorts etc.

#4. What They Puffnorth-vs-south-kolkata-cigaretteIt is typical with North that Flake or Gold Flake is most popular among theBonediBangali. Where South puffs on Marlboro and Classics.

#5. Where They Datenorth-vs-south-kolkata-dateTypical South in CCD or Barista where North in Gangar Ghat or Coffee House.

North Kolkata vs South Kolkata : Which part rules???

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