r-madhavan-in-saala-khadoos_145017604120Being a movie buff I quiet predicted the plot before watching the movie “Saala Khadoos”, and the plot didn’t surprise me at all. You will see a fiery young girl jousting with her coach. The coach’s magnanimity under the tough exterior to turn the girl into a virulent boxer and the show continues.

Adi Tomar (Madhavan) is a bad-tempered headstrong character that has fallen afoul of the guy who calls the shots in national women’s boxing in New Delhi, a corrupt fellow (Zakir Hussain) who preys upon young female hopefuls. On a punishment posting down South, Adi discovers a girl named Madhi (Ritika Singh) who is an aggressive spitfire. She helps her family’s meagre earnings by selling fish. Her older sister Lux’s (Mumtaz Sorcar) support, she can throw few efficient jabs and punches when she gets riled. The story goes as usual; Madhi achieves what desired and the movie ends with a happy note.

Madhanvan always pulls out the best in characters. But you can’t say the same for Ritika Singh. She is full on Redbull all times, screwing up her face, her body, anger coursing through her veins: after a while, you want to tell her to slow it down, to breathe, the part’s not going anywhere.

The attempt to bring a woman centric sports drama which will celebrate the power and strength of women literally didn’t match the era of a strong film of its genre. The film is full of shabby loopholes and overdone aggression, neglects the finer details of challenging milieu of the leading lady.

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