Being very specific for every product I use,  I came across Sesa Hair Oil as a suggestion from my friend. Now I am using it for more than a year. Here is my genuine review for Sesa.

Bhrungraj, Brahmi, Jalamansi, Triphla, lemon oil, coconut oil, Vaj along with other herbs which are hard to remember.

Price –
A bottle of 90ml cost Rs. 115

The oil is very good as I am using it for more than a year. It’s advised to apply at night and next day washes your hair with mild shampoo. You will feel your hair getting smooth and healthy with each passing day. The oil also helps to thicken your hair and add a volume, but the strong smell may irritate and give you a headache for a while.

If you are facing hair fall problem then using Sesa Oil will not going to solve your problem. I personally recommend consulting a doctor. Otherwise go for Sesa.

Happy oiling!