Yes, friends, your favourite shampoo and conditioner can contain even carcinogens that cause liver failure and endocrine issues. A recent study discovered that the manufacturers are not that honest about what they use in their products. “The data from the Center for Environmental Health from Oakland, California, points out that 98 of the shampoos used in the study included cocamide DEA (cocamide diethanolamine), a known carcinogen and a controversial substance which ends up in most of our cosmetic products. It has landed four manufacturers from California a lawsuit.” (Source –

The companies face huge complication as they are not mentioning to their customers certain chemicals which can harm them. A recent study showed that the chemicals used in the shampoos caused cancer in laboratory animals, and cocamide DEA was banned in California.

The chemical can be found in your favourite shampoos and cosmetics. The list of brands that used it includes Colgate, Paul Mitchell, Palmolive, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kohl’s and many other companies. Cocamide DEA was also used in some children cosmetic products, including KMart’s store brand bubble bath and a shampoo/conditioner from Babies R Us.

So, next time when you are selecting shampoo for your precious hair, do carefully read the ingredients and try to go herbal or homemade products. Because, now-a-day, shampoo causes cancer.