“Have you seen my new DP in Facebook?” suddenly heard from a merely 15-16 year old girl talking to her friend in a Temple where I usually visit on Saturdays. It made me ask them a simple question, “Do you know the full form of DP?”. They stayed mum, though I explained them quickly without giving any further embarrassment, it called ‘Display Picture’, but it gave me a thought, do they really know any purpose of Social Media! Do their parents know about their social media activity!

In present scenario, Social Media is a new boom in the industry, many media companies ask a common question, “How many social media platforms do you use on regular basis?” More specifically it is a trend to use more media than our friends, classmates and colleagues to flaunt our media-friendliness.

But I really feel there should be an etiquette specially for girls for using it as the social media like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn etc sites do not come with terms & conditions and precautions.


Be Careful, you are fabricating a Cyber Finger Print!

Every girls should understand that by posting pictures, selfies and their famous pout pictures, they are actually creating a cyber impression on the internet, by which anybody can tress them.

Social Media is not a Pizza Delivery Site!

Avoid sharing your address, phone numbers or any details where you can be identified easily. Putting the house number or nearest location may cause you many unwanted followers from home to your school or colleges.



Use Different User-name & Password

Dear Cute Simple girls stop using same user-name & password for every social media you use. Make something different for everyone like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Don’t Talk to Strangers… Please!

You have known enough people from your society, school, college, office etc., making unknown person your friend and sharing your personal information is not a good habit to keep. Sometimes you can engage in video chat with that “unknown” person and may be your pictures and profile hacked and used in an indecent purpose. Friend requests should be sent to those persons if you know them on a personal level, for professional level there is LinkedIn to connect.



Selective what you upload

Girls most of the time upload each and everything, from the place they visit to the pictures of their friends. Do take permission before uploading your friend’s and colleague’s pictures, may be they don’t like what you always do. Don’t post indecent pictures, if possible do review it by your parents or closed ones. They might see what you can’t.

Stop Sexting!

Sexting is a portmanteau of sex and texting, means sending sexually explicit messages. Stop doing that(If you are!) Its come under cyber bulling. Many adolescents do not know that the pictures and videos sent through the internet remains permanently in “Cyberspace” which can do harm to get a job or an admission in colleges as many institutions do internet search on their applicants.
There are few things to remember. Don’t tag everyone with your pictures, its a bit irritating but by tagging 10 people it can be visible to their total friend list, may be 1000 people or more. Strict the privacy setting of your social media site including picture setting, tag and downloading options, ‘who can see my post” setting etc. Do not use offensive languages to your friends and colleagues because you don’t see their faces but the consequences may demean your image to them.

I remembered one incident- my room mate used to talk to a boy who supposed to be a Punjabi as she is a Punjabi too. After few chatting session, they exchanged numbers and started chatting regularly over phone. She started feeling something for that boy. Two months later, when they decide to meet in City Centre-1, she came to me crying. That boy was a total phony and embarrassed her in front of everyone at the coffee shop. I consoled her that day, but I really took a lesson that what we feel and hear is not always the truth we are expecting.

If you have free time, contribute something valuable to social media, search something useful, follow some great people, visit professional pages, learn new recipes from official sites. Or join an NGO, help people who really need your time and support. Adopt a pet, it can bring smile to your face. Give time to your parents as they have only you to chat and gossip. Make a new recipe for your boy friend as he may love surprises. Chatting with unknown faces may relax your mood but a little effort from your end can bring smile to another’s faces which you can actually see.