Yes, I love him. I do! It is a kind of habit to me now. Because I never spend a day not loving him. Did you love someone? Maybe ‘Yes’, but the sweet pain in the heart can be only understood by a lover. I forgot when I started loving him, the first day of college or when I saw him drenched in rain and walked towards me to ask- how I am. Last 5 years I spent like a dream. A dream which I do not want to end like this. I used to fantasize to fall in love with a wonderful man who does not have any flaws. But finally, when I have the feelings for someone I found out that I actually fall in love with his mistakes, bad habits, with biting his nails and innumerable stuff that he does without any purpose.

Being a vehemently arrogant girl, I used to shout at my friends, acted as a superior to everybody and had few friends because I had that attitude to be the diva in the universe. Pampered by my family, I started feeling that no one is worthy of my love, simply the Cleopatra of my college.

Things got worse when Joy ignored me when I put the first step interacting with him. Yes, his name was Joy. He was like a chilling breeze in my life that eliminates each of my flaws with a smile. I was participating in the college fest and he was the cultural secretary there. Having problems regarding my rehearsal timing, I went to the cultural club to ask for the person who can solve my problem. Someone pointed at him as he was surrounded by the juniors. I waited for a while and went straight to his face and asked, “I am waiting for last 15 minutes, can you solve my problem?” He was clueless so without putting his eyes to my face, replied: “what is your problem?” I explained him for a while for which he listened with utmost care and told me to meet him after my rehearsal. We met, over a cup of coffee, discussed my issues and somehow he made an impression which lasted for a lifetime, now I feel. He was the first decent person who only looked into my eyes and never asked that irritating question, “Are you seeing someone!”

“So, you sing, Huh! Can you sing a song for me, from the movie Pakeezah?”

“Like now?” I said in utter astonishment.

“Chalte Chalte Yunhi Koi Mil Gaya Tha” was the first song I sang for him. He clapped like a child that evening. We talked almost everything about our family, friends, our pets and more songs that we are so passionate about. Then he suddenly asked a question,

Part 2