“Can I have your phone number?”

A song was started and so does a friendship. With each passing days, our bond became stronger and we can chat and laugh almost any matter happening around us. A song can make us laugh and cry.

Soon the fest ended and our regular classes made us a slave to our teachers. We generally talked over phone and sometimes met between the free periods. One rainy day, I was talking with my best friend Aparna about some issues and I gave a look at him.  The first day I realised, there is something about him I liked.  Joy drenched in rain and his white shirt quite shows his physic, a well-built man! I could not take off my eyes at first. He asked me a simple question, “How are you Krittika?” I fumbled and said, “Umm! Can we talk?”

Didn’t sure about my feelings, I told him, “we should meet outside sometimes!” Suddenly he took my hands into his and trying to say something. But everything put on hold as Rahul came and patted his shoulder,”Bhai, sometimes rub our hands also!” and we laughed and left.

Few more days passed and I started to feel a strange pain inside my heart. I couldn’t eat, sleep and laugh. My eyes always searched him in the crowd. Giving silly reasons, I started calling just to hear his laughter.

The day was 10th December. We were chatting about some gadgets new in the market. Rahul suddenly came and told me, “Has Joy told you something?” I kept looking both of them and for the first time I saw him blushing!

I went home early that day.  I was usually trying to focus on some literary work of Shakespeare and Joy called. With a sudden happiness, I picked up the phone. He told,

–         “can I confess you something?”

–         “Yes! Sure… tell na?

–         “I like you”

–         “What?”

–         “No.. I think I love you, but please don’t break our friendship. I want to be your friend.”

I was shocked, overjoyed, happy and many more emotions just trying came out of my mouth that time. But I could utter only four simple words and still didn’t sure what I said.

–         “I like you too”

To be continued…