An evening in Manali, with your beloved, a warm hand to hold you tightly and a hot Gulab Jamoon in your mouth giving you the utmost satisfaction in the chilling weather. The street food of Manali is quiet an eye catcher for every tourist. The mesmerising hill station is a foodie’s paradise, pine-covered Himalayas, a lust for nature and an appetite for local taste will allure you to the divine streets of Manali. Here are some eye-grabbing food items from the streets exclusively for you.

1# Jalebi and Rabri

IMG-20160104-WA0033The best combo in the world. You will feel the sublime taste by dipping the Jalebi in the Rabri and your mouth will explode by the unique taste of it.

Pocket Pinch- 4 Jalebi and 1 glass of Rabri is for Rs. 100 approx.

2# Mini Gulab Jamoon

IMG-20160104-WA0035A small wonder from the streets will charm your heart by the beautiful texture and obviously for the taste.

Pocket Pinch – Half plate for Rs. 30

3# Gajar Ka Halwa

IMG-20160104-WA0031Using carrot and milk, Gajar Ka Halwa is relished by all. It is a very common dish found anywhere in India.

Pocket Pinch- 1 plate for Rs. 30

4# Chole Bhature

IMG-20160104-WA0023My personal favourite , Chole Bhature is a vegetarian dish with mixing card in the Bhature (Puri) to give it a sourly taste.

Pocket Pinch – 1 plate for Rs. 70

5# Chatpata Chaat


For your evening snacks you can easily opt these various chaat items using card, tamarind, lemon and sweet syrup.

Pocket Pinch – Starts from 1 plate for Rs. 80 approx

6# Dry Fruits

IMG-20160104-WA0030Various dry fruits like figs, peanuts, date etc are very cheap and easy to get here.

Pocket Pinch – Starts from Rs. 80 per packet.

Next time do visit the streets to grab the food that you always crave to have.

*Picture Courtesy – Sanjukta Ray*