Getting a taxi is not a very hard task like previous years. You can download an App, register with your mail id and phone number and book a taxi. The drivers are polite enough to communicate and the fare is also reasonable. Sometimes you can also notice two curious eyes from a yellow taxi driver constantly looking your driver like snatching his livelihood. Jokes apart! But seriously these App Taxi services are way better than the yellow taxis. They don’t refuse (If they do, you can complain to the company in 2 minutes), you can talk to the drivers and they do not charge you extra for the rainy season or the late night issue. So here are reviews of 6 mostly used Taxi Services in Kolkata that can give you a better understanding of their work culture.

1# Ola Cabs   ola-cab-kolkata

Yeh dil Bole Ola Ola! Indian company Ola Cabs is one of the leading Taxi services that provide the cheapest fare from the rest. You can get an Ola Mini at Rs. 8 per Km. with an air conditioned and clean environment. You can book a private taxi (non-AC) from the App also. Now they are expanding their dimension by signing up more drivers, introducing Ola taxis for their customers. Recently an Ola driver was caught doing an obscene act while driving a woman passenger, but the service is good altogether.

Contact Number- +(91)-33-33553355


2# UBERuber-cab-kolkata

Uber is a US based company growing rapidly like a virus. They also cut down their basic fare to Rs. 8 per Km. At first, they only accept payment through Paytm. But now they accept cash which is helpful to the people who do not have money in their Paytm wallet. You can get an Uber in Howrah or in Rajarhat, but they will charge you extra which is called “Surge” in high pickup time. They have their bitter history – last December, after the alleged rape of a passenger in Delhi, Uber and other app-based cab services were banned in the Delhi.

Contact Number – +(91)-8444007777


3# Taxi For Sure (TFS)


Ola Cabs acquired Taxi For Sure in March and the basic fare of TFS is Rs. 49 which the cheapest. You can book any TFS luxury car from Ola Apps also. You can book your taxi in advance in case if you do not want any hassle in your journey.


4# Meru cabs


Not available frequently in Kolkata Meru cabs launched in 2014. They have their day and night fare chart separately. In daytime (5 am to 11 pm), they charge Rs, 49/ 2 Km, whereas at night the fare goes to Rs. 61.25/ 2 Km.

Contact Number – 033 33 99 33 99


5# Mega cabs


Mega Cabs is new in Kolkata providing decent service in Kolkata. The number is very few regarding Ola and Uber, but in Central Kolkata you can have one Mega Cab waiting for your call. Charging Rs. 21/ Km it’s the costlier than the rest.

Contact Number – 033 4141 4141


6# Yellow and No-Refusal Taxi


Every Kolkatan’s have a worst experience with these taxis. They don’t have any base fare so far. Meter reading system always fails to get the exact amount. They will not take you if the distance is from Newtown to Ultadanga, and if by chance you called a driver who is in his peaceful nap after lunch, you are gone.  They will say anything to you regardless who you are. But one thing to remember, you will get at least one yellow taxi when you do not have a smart phone or internet connection.

Happy travelling Buddies!

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