With every new year resolution one promise, we do to ourselves that we must lose some weight and keep a balanced diet. But, we failed miserably in the middle of the road and lose interest and willpower and give up to the appealing call of Biryani, Daal Makhani, Chicken Curry and Rasmalai. There are few of us who do succeed in losing some weight by following a restrictive diet but don’t have any clue on how to uphold it so that they don’t return to their previous size. For example, there is one such routine called GM diet plan, where you can lose weight in a week and gain automatically when not monitored the calories they intake.

What You Need To Know!

A healthy body weight lies in a strategic calorie intake which will boost metabolism and make fat burning. It is vital to boosting metabolic rate and it can be easily done with home remedies. This 1200 calories diet plan is very helpful in achieving an effective result. A 1200 Cal meal plan is very efficient but the result will majorly depend on what you eat. You cannot have junk food, fries, and chocolates for 1200 Cal and expect to see the effective result. It should be a balanced and nutritious diet with all the vitamins, essential fats, minerals and nutrients or else the body can get messed up and the evil effects will be reflected in your daily life and will face lifeless limp hair, dull and rough skin with extreme lethargy and tiredness.

Identify The Right Calories

A healthy weight loss plan can create a safe calorie deficit to help in weight loss. The whole game of weight loss is all about how much calorie intake and calories burnt. But, one must understand all calories are not the same and it builds the overall health. There are three main sources of calories – fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Sources of unhealthy saturated fats are cheese, butter and fatty cuts of meats and sources of unhealthy unsaturated fats are vegetable oils, nuts, seafood, and olives. Likewise, there are simple carbs like sugar, white rice, white flour, fruit juices and baked goods are the ones that make you extremely fat. Complex carbs help you in losing weight like wheat flour, brown rice, beans, lentils, fruits, and vegetables. Proteins are helpful in increasing muscle mass and the fat natural proteins are egg whites and low-fat dairy. So it is very important to choose between good and bad calories and make your 1200 diet plan to be healthy and balanced.

How To Plan Your 1200 Cal Diet Menu?

You may know that 5-6 meals per day can give you a chiseled figure rather than 3 heavy meals that all of us usually have. The small healthy meals at a short interval help in improving metabolism and burning more calories. Here, we divide the 1200 calories into 5 meals that contain 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) of 300 calories each to a total of 900 calories and remaining calories should include healthy snacks and beverages that will extend throughout the day.

A Generalized 1200 Cal Vegetarian Diet Chart:

a Generalized 1200 Cal Non-Vegetarian Diet Chart:

The best thing about the 1200 Cal eat diet plan is that you can shed pounds and remain fit while getting a charge out of the sustenance you cherish. You don’t have to starve yourself or say goodbye to your most loved nourishments. All you need is a touch of poise and limitation. The 1200 calories plan is a certain method for losing those additional pounds rapidly on a transient premise, yet so as to make the impacts lasting we have to present some solid changes in the way of life that might incorporate an all-around adjusted, sound eating regimen combined with general work out.