Top 10 Reasons why you should own a pet

Top 10 Reasons why you should own a pet

Want to own a pet? Go on, there are several benefits…

A study has shown that there are more pets than children in the American household. Surprised? Yes, it’s been noticed that there has been an increase in the number of Indian families opting for pets. If you are somebody who is thinking why you should own a pet when many people will discourage you from owning one, here are ten reasons why everyone should have a pet, and let us convince you to go ahead and get one home!

A pet’s love never fails

When you have a pet, no matter what, the animal that you have bonded with will always love you. Even, at some point, you can’t return unconditional love, but you can rest assured, there is a compassionate pet who will make your life better. 

An animal in your life will help ease your suffering

In Life, we often deal with depression, trauma, or anxiety. Having a pet by your side makes things better. The relationship with your pet is pure healing. There are many reality shows about how dogs can help Veterans dealing with PTSD and how pets help them get back their happiness and true-self back.

Help you control blood pressure 

Studies say that dog owners have less blood pressure and a low level of heart attacks! The effects of owning a pet eventually reduce the need to take medicines and help you reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Pets can enhance your mood

Doctors suggest having a pet if you are dealing with anxiety or depression. Why families should have a dog is as they are a great way to improve your mood and temperament. People who suffer from various diseases and mental illnesses have lesser chances of depression if they keep pets, compared to those who don’t have pets. 

An antidote for loneliness

Nowadays, people live a very lonely life, alone in a city for jobs mainly, or studying in colleges. While you are away from your family, a pet, especially a dog is a relief as you can speak your heart out and share your secrets knowing it’s safe with them. Pets give you unconditional love and are always faithful.

A dosage of entertainment

Have you ever seen a lazy dog, and making everyone smile just by yawning the whole day. Yes, they have their own unique personalities, habits, quirks that can keep you laughing for hours. It can distract you from issues you are having, gives you a sense of engagement and more heart-healthy laughter, and keeps the boredom away.

They build responsibility within you

In a home, where a child is learning the value of routine and responsibilities, a pet is always helpful to learn the responsibilities in a systematic manner. Being responsible for another living creature can help you feel and act responsibly for the rest of your life too. Not only for children, but adults can also benefit from consistent responsibilities as well. 

They increase and build our social connections

Did you ever notice, when you are out with your pet, that even strangers are more apt to smile, whether they show a gentle pat on your pet’s head, or simply say hello to strike up a conversation? When we share a goofy video clip or images of a pet on social media, people immediately chime in and share their own little pet’s images and goofy activities. It’s so engaging. 

Ditch the alarm clock, get a pet

You have a 9 to 6 job and an alarm clock is a big part of your life. But, when you have a pet, you can rest assured that your cat or dog will meow or bark very loudly at your head, working as a breathing alarm clock while you are sleeping, standing over you, licking your face to wake you up. 

Finally, Safety! 

Benefits of owning a dog, especially good because they double up as caretakers. They act as a guardian angel and no burglar alarm can be better than a dog at your home.

Here are mostly all the reasons why every family should have a pet. You can adopt a pet if available on social media or you can visit any rescue center to find one. Every dog, cats, and other pet-friendly animals need a home and you can give him/her just that by opening your doors and hearts for them.

That’s all for today. If you want to hear more from us or have any suggestion, please share in the comment section below.

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